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Ryon Polequaptewa

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Ryon Polequaptewa is without doubt one of the finest kachina doll carvers today.  He is from Shungopavi and is of the Sun Clan.  Ryon Polequaptewa

Ryon’s kachina dolls contain a lot of character, a dose of humor, and reflect the great care that he takes in creating each one.

Ryon also is a music maker, or a thunder maker, as a member of the Blu Thunder Singers

Ryon is featured in several River Trading Post Podcasts, and you can listen to them right here.


Ryon Tells Us About Five Kachina Dolls

Blu Thunder

#8460s Ryon Polequaptewa Hilili 11.5" $400 Sold
#8065s Ryon Polequaptewa Payayam Tiyo (Half Clown & Half Cowboy) 12" $300 Sold
#8066s Ryon Polequaptewa Qutka Katsina (Pure Cloud) 12.5" $400 Sold
#8067s Ryon Polequaptewa Tasavu
(Navajo Clown)
11.5" $260
#8068s Ryon Polequaptewa Hohoysi Katsina 11.5" $260 Sold
#8069s Ryon Polequaptewa Soyokwuti
"Ogre Woman"
10" $320
#7500 Ryon Polequaptewa Left-handed Hunter 10.25" $450
#6886s Ryon Polequaptewa "The Donald II"
Mocker Kachina
6" $300
#8316 Ryon Polequaptewa Aholi 9.25" $350
#6887s Ryon Polequaptewa "The Donald II"
Mocker Kachina
8.5" $350 Sold
#6884s Ryon Polequaptewa Dragonfly Assasin 11.25" $300 Sold
#6832 Ryon Polequaptewa Left Handed Hunter 10" $450
#6833 Ryon Polequaptewa Rock Eater 8.5" $350 Sold
#6834s Ryon Polequaptewa Zuni Kachin-Mana 8" $200
#6107s Ryon Polequaptewa Harvest Moon 13" $360 Sold
#5746s Ryon Polequaptewa Mooklah "The Enchanter"
A Ryon creation.
10.5" $350 Sold
#5747 Ryon Polequaptewa Velvet Shirt Kachina 13" $500
#5326 Ryon Polequaptewa Tsiro oya
in the style of Wilson Tawaquaptewa
8.5" $250 Sold
#5245 Ryon Polequaptewa Pa-Hikisi
in the style of Wilson Tawaquaptewa
12.75 $400


















About  Wilson Tawaquaptewa

Wilson Tawaquaptewa was born of the Bear Clan in the Hopi village of Oraibi, Third Mesa, Arizona, in the year 1873. Oraibi was the largest and most important Hopi village at the time of Tawaquaptewa's birth.  The Bear Clan was among the most significant clans at Hopi. In 1904, Tawaquaptewa became the village chief or Kikmongwi, and remained in this position despite health issues and political imprisonment (October 1906 - Summer 1909) until his death in 1960. After the split between the Friendlies and the Hostiles at Oraibi in 1906, Tawaquaptewa began to produce Kachina figures, rattles, tabletas, dance wands, and other traditional Hopi items. 

As a chief and religious leader he was unique in his efforts to not sell his culture's artifacts. He invented kachinas which combined attributes from traditional kachinas, as well as elements he created.

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