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Care of Fine Pueblo Pottery

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Pottery Care and Consideration 

  • Do not expose pottery to water (inside or outside).  Do not wipe with a damp cloth.

  • Dust pottery only with a soft, smooth cloth (no terry cloth or textured fabric).  A very soft paintbrush (sable or camel) can be used.

  • Always use two hands to carry your pot. One on top and one on the bottom, or one hand on each side.

  • Be careful with handles; they can be fragile.  Do not grip or lift pots by the rim.  Take care with jewelry; rings can scratch the finish.

  • Place a piece of felt or cloth between the pot and the shelf to protect the signature.

  • Avoid exposing pottery to extreme temperature changes.

  • Weigh pots down with a small zip lock bag containing sand, glass marbles, rice, etc.  Do not fill the pot more than one third full as you want them bottom heavy.

  • Secure your shelves; make sure they are well attached to the wall. Shelf brackets should be of sufficient length and strength to support the weight of your pottery.

  • Prevent pots from sliding.  Consider attaching a small wooden molding to the front of shelves.  Line shelves with non-slip material (a thin sheet of rubber foam, etc.)