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American Indian Beadwork and Quillwork


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Our Beadwork and Quillwork collection is stunning and beautiful.  Soft skins and hides and  meticulous beads and quills hold the spirit and are tribute to the hard working hands of the Native American souls that created them.

Many items in our collection have been found in private collections and through estate sales.  Others have been recently crafted by Native Americans who wish to preserve the old art so that we may learn from and enjoy them today.

Be sure that you click on the item that interests you most to get more information and to see greater detail.

Nez Perce Child's Vest



Plateau Baby Yoke




Tigua Ceremonial Shirt


Indian Beadwork


1940's Sioux Saddle

1780 - 1830 Powderhorn with
Athabaskan Strap


1880's Sioux Teepee Bag


Contemporary Work


Plains Indian Art