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kachina dolls

The "Old Style" or Traditional Hopi Kachina dolls are our favorite because this style gets back to the roots.  Many are wonderfully simple, they are carved of cottonwood root, and are colored with natural pigments.

Today's generation of Kachina doll carver really is getting back to basics, and that is the beauty of this style.  If you are new to collecting kachina dolls, or are a veteran collector, you will want to be sure to include many of the "old style" kachina dolls in your collection.
#7796s Kevin Quanimptewa Kiwa Kachina 11.25" $240 Sold
#6826s Kevin Quanimptewa Pot-belllied Squash Kacina 9.75" $240 Sold
#8182s Gene Lalo Hilili 11" $260
#8177s Gene Lalo Grandma Kachina 11.5" $260
#6606 Gene Lalo Comanche Kachina 11" $320
#6607s Gene Lalo Cockel Bird Kachina 11" $320 Sold
#6608 Gene Lalo Racer Kachina 9.5" $180
#6603s Anthony Monongye Snowman Kachina 10.5" $260 Sold
#6215 Bradford Kaye Black Badger 8" $150 Sold
#5512 Randy Howato Navajo Kachina 10.5" $280
#5527 Cordell Naseyoma Kokopelli 11.5" $300 Sold
#5566s Manuel Chavarria Cow Kachina 18" $600
#5567f Clark Tenakhongva Cow Kachina 14.5" $500 Sold
#5570f Fred Ross Palhik Mana 22" $500 Sold
#5571f Manuel Chavarria Koyemsi on a Cradleboard 21" $600 Sold

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Hopi Kachina Dolls