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kachina dolls

The "Old Style" or Traditional Hopi Kachina dolls are our favorite because this style gets back to the roots.  Many are wonderfully simple, they are carved of cottonwood root, and are colored with natural pigments.

Today's generation of Kachina doll carver really is getting back to basics, and that is the beauty of this style.  If you are new to collecting kachina dolls, or are a veteran collector, you will want to be sure to include many of the "old style" kachina dolls in your collection.
#8070s Sandra Suhu Mas'au 12" $280
#5484s Orlan Honyumptewa Tsareyo 11" $300
#6509s Randy Brokeshoulder Motsin Katsina 14" $450
#5467 Jerett James Tumoala
(Devils Claw)
11.5" $350 Sold 
#5468 Unknown Artist Left-Handed Hunter 11" $250 Sold 
#5489 Fred Ross Mocker 9" $240
#5473s Orlan Honyumptewa Cold Bringing Woman 8.5" $250
#4468s Randy Brokeshoulder Masau 20" $450 Sold
#6031f Clark Tenakhongva Blue Bear 9.5" $500 Sold
#3211 Clark Tenakhongva Wakas (Cow) Kachina 17" $600 Sold

1271.JPG (81269 bytes)

#1271s Manuel Chavarria Black Ogre (29) 12.5"
#6672s Kevin Sekakaku Cold Bringing Woman 8.5" $250 Sold
#6673s Kevin Sekakuku Germination God with hand embroidered cape by Nuvayoung Sekakuku 14" $600 Sold 
#3965 Kevin Sekakuku Cold Bringing Woman 10" $400
#3966 Kevin Sekakuku Pakanghoya 9.5" $300 Sold 
#4653s Cordell Naseyoma Kuwan Hehya 11" $290 Sold
#4656 Cordell Naseyoma Hilili 11" $330
#6105 Justin Lomatewama Kanaa 11" $95 Sold
#6104 Justin Lomatewama Sootuknang 14" $120 Sold

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Hopi Kachina Dolls