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Navajo Weavings Over $3k

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739.JPG (49479 bytes)

#739 Navajo Weaving 51" x 57.25" Alice Henry Bisti weaving by Alice Henry features cloud patterns and feathers.  A large, wonderful weaving. $3200 Sold

746.jpg (51090 bytes)

#746f Navajo Weaving 12.5" x 29"" Esther Bitsuie-Lucas Very interesting Two Grey Hills combination of Yei, Pictoral and Classic design. $3200

143.jpg (32292 bytes)

#143s Navajo Weaving 59.5" x 36" Emily Blake Surrounded by a large boarder and filled with an exuberant varity of motifs in soft earth tone colors. $3275

#3254s Navajo Weaving 46" x 57" Unknown Brilliant, very colorful Ganado weaving from around 1950. $3400 Sold

1834.JPG (56284 bytes)

#1834f Navajo Weaving 53" x 70.5" Stanley Ben Beautiful, colorful contemporary Crystal weaving. $3400 Sold

#3255 Navajo Weaving 40.5" x 61" Unknown 1950's regional weaving with great colors $3800

2761.jpg (74413 bytes)

#2761s Navajo Weaving 30" x 48.5" Sally Johnson Winner of first premium at the 1979 New Mexico State Fair, a beautiful Tree Of Life.
Blue Ribbon Included
$3800 Sold

#5096f Navajo Weaving 55" x 77" Ella Williams A great storm pattern by a very fine weaver. $4000 Sold

#4673 Navajo Weaving 62" x 40" Unknown Weaver A great showpiece Crystal weaving from the 1950's or 60's. $4000 Sold

2045.JPG (47271 bytes)

#2045s Navajo Weaving 35" x 58.5" Shirley Tsinnie Exceptionally tightly woven and colorful Teec Nos Pos Weaving.  Awarded 2nd place at O'Odham Tash on February 15, 1996. $4500 Sold

1853.JPG (38894 bytes)

#1853f Navajo Weaving 50" x 31" Alice Begay Burnam weaving featuring Navajo men and women $4752 Sold

1451.JPG (47438 bytes)

#1451s Navajo Weaving 59" x 95" Unknown Large eyedazzeler is a perfect floor weaving, although it has never been on a floor.  Perfect condition from the 1970's $4900

1103.JPG (51998 bytes)

#1103 Navajo Weaving 60" x 84" Cheryl Kee Finely woven storm pattern.  Brilliant colors. $5175
#8305 Navajo Weaving 42" x 61" Unknown Artist Finely woven Blue Ribbon Yei from 1939 $5200

#4449s Navajo Weaving 38" x 61" Sara Tisi Beautiful Burntwater weaving with birds around the border. $5800 Sold
#4947s Navajo Weaving 52.5" x 87.5" Unknown Klagetoh weaving from the Toadlena Trading Post Collection. $5800

753.jpg (55174 bytes)

#753s Navajo Weaving 32.5" x 48.5" Lilly Touchin A stunning storm pattern by Lilly Touchin.  Brilliant white, red, blue and black.

#4229f Navajo Weaving 50" x 75" Unknown Large Yei vegetal weaving within a weaving. $6850

759.jpg (36333 bytes)

#759f Navajo Weaving 26" x 59" Mary Ann Damon Exceptionally fine Two Grey Hills weaving. $7000

1850.JPG (48404 bytes)

#1850f Navajo Weaving 47.5" x 72"" Rena Mountain Large, beautiful Storm Pattern by a top Navajo weaver. $7200

2483.jpg (40890 bytes)

#2483f Navajo Weaving 41" x 67" Bessie Begay Exceptionally beautiful, raised outline using vegetal dyes. $7500 Sold

129.jpg (37826 bytes)

#129 Navajo Weaving 69" x 106" Martha Yazzie Large Ganado weaving with classic design.  Awesome piece. $8190

732.JPG (46079 bytes)

#732s Navajo Weaving 36" x 56" Mary Ann Damon Very tightly woven Two Grey Hills tapestry.  An absolute classic. $8900 Sold

1854.jpg (148731 bytes)

#1854f Navajo Weaving 48.5" x 49"" Brenda Crosby Outstanding, finely woven sand painting weaving. $9720

1657.jpg (58789 bytes)

#1657s Navajo Weaving 49" x 60" Betty Joe Yazzie Finely woven Ganado tapestry.  Fabulous weaving. $9900 Sold

130.jpg (35527 bytes)

#130 Navajo Weaving 70" x 100" Erma Charlie Exceptionally fine, large Two Grey Hills weaving.

751.JPG (55773 bytes)

#751f Navajo Weaving 50" x 85" Geneva Laughter Exceptionally finely woven, colorful Teec Nos Pos weaving by one of the very finest weavers today. $13000

742.JPG (69154 bytes)

#742s Navajo Weaving 51.25" x 80" Geneva Laughter One of Geneva's finest weavings.  Exceptionally detailed, finely woven...and very large.  Fabulous! $15000 Sold

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