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A key component of a great Native American Art collection is the Navajo rug.

We have a wonderful selection of fine contemporary and historic Navajo rugs for your consideration.

Our weavings truly are display pieces that will contribute significantly to your collection.  

You will be Navajo Rugsable to find a beautiful weaving that fits within any budget, and to make life easy, we have grouped our Contemporary Collection by price in order to make your search just a bit easier. And, if you are new to Navajo weavings, enjoy our
Guide To Navajo Weavings, below.

Navajo Rugs Under $1000

Navajo Rugs Under $3000

Navajo Rugs Over $3000

Many of our Navajo weavings have historic value, because of age, design or origin. Be sure to see them in our Historic Collection.

Our Rug Orphan area features a limited number of antique rugs that are not in top notch condition, but are being offered simply because of their inherent beauty and historic significance.  

Each weaving, contemporary or historic, includes complete documentation and our certificate of assurance that your investment is solid. 

You can see a large image of our weavings by clicking on the small image.  If you are interested in more information or additional images of any particular piece, please let us know and we will be happy to send additional information to you.

Enjoy our Navajo Rug collection, and be sure to include Navajo weavings in your Native American Art collection.

How To Care For Your Navajo Weaving

A River Trading Post Guide To Collecting Navajo Weavings

Click The Image Below To Enjoy Flipping Though Our Navajo Weaving Guide

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