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Mark Fischer

Mark Fischer is a contemporary sculptor and a member of the Oneida Nation of Green Bay, Turtle Clan.  He was involved in Native American education for 12 years and was instrumental in establishing several Native American scholarships for Wisconsin colleges.

"It is said that ancient nations did not have a written language, but if you look, you will see they have left messages all over our nation.  It is an honor to share these non-verbal messages through my art."
Mark Fischer.

Mark Fischer's work can be beautifully displayed in your home or your garden.  Each piece is copper patina, welded with silver.

 Flip Through Mark's Sketch Book, and let us have Mark create a special piece especially for you. Just click on the image below and see Mark's Sketch Book.

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Mark Fischer discusses Oneida traditions.

See Mark's Turtle Clan Catalog.  Click the Image below.

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Mark Fischer


Mark Fischer

The Iroquois made canoes from the bark of the oak and red elm.  Each end of the canoe was finished with a vertical prow. Iroquois canoes varied in size from twelve feet, to carry two men, up to forty feet with the capacity for thirty men.
This Mark Fischer copper sculpture includes an especially designed display table.
28" tall, 72" long, 14" deep.
Stands 76" tall on display table (also made of copper)$12000, plus Shipping  

Turtle Teacher
Mark Fischer

Wisdom is imparted to the young by the master teacher.

18" x 9.5" x 11"

$3,200 plus shipping
Mark Fischer

Dream Shawl
Mark Fischer

Women's fancy dance features a fast pace and the distintive brightly colored shawl.  The shawl itself is an adaptation of the blanket carried, or worn, traditionally by women.

The appropriate sty.e of the fancy dancer is one of a constant whirl of beauty and grace, as captured by Mark Fischer in this stunning Turtle Clan art sculpture.
21" x 16" x 12"

Mark Fischer


Northern Lights
Mark Fischer

The aurora borealis has intrigued people from ancient times.  Native Americans have many explanations for the northern lights.  The Iroquois have a myth that ells of when the Creator had finished his task of creation, he traveled north, where he remained.  He built large fires, of which the northern lights are the reflections, to remind his people that he still thinks of them.
25" x 20"
Table 18"x18"x18"
$3400, plus shipping


Mark Fischer


Moon Dancer
Mark Fischer

A very long time ago, whenever the moon was full, my older brother Jack loved to ride horses. We called them "Moon Dancers" because they were long-legged polo ponies who seemed to dance with excitement as we rode through the woods, down well worn deer paths.  We rode for hours with the full moon lighting our way. The many animals and birds in the woods at night, especially the deer, were thrilling to see and hear.  Whenever I think about those evenings with my big brother Jack and the Moon Dancers, I still smile.
36" Tall
$6800 plus shipping

Mark Fischer


Storyteller Mask

Mark Fischer

The oral tradition developed young people's capacity for remembering long, involved speeches and songs. Storytelling was a cultural contact between generations.
22" x 18"
$800 plus shipping



Buffalo Mask
Mark Fischer

The Buffalo was a gift of love from the Great Spirit to his red children.
22" x 19"
$800 plus shipping

Iroquoise Flower Dream Shawl

27" x 15" x 7.5"
$1600 Plus shipping



Mark Fischer Mini-Sculpture
Note: Each of these pieces is hand crafted by Mark Fisher upon receipt of your order.
Please allow approximately two weeks for Mark to especially create one for you.


#6848s Mark Fischer Dancing Lady in Red

21.5" x 11"
$300 Sold
#6849s Mark Fischer Dancing Lady in White

21" x 11"
$300 Sold
#6850s Mark Fischer Three Sisters

Decorated with leather and antique trade beads.
#5885s Mark Fischer Box People: Spirit of the Wind

One of a series of Mark Fischer explorations in copper with sterling silver weld.

17.75" x 6.5"


Mark Fischer

Moose Man

Traditionally, flute playing was a solitary play the flute was to pray.  The flute was also played on occasion to impress a lived one.  This anthromorphic moose represents fertility, strength and power.
23.75 x 17"



#4895s Mark Fischer Friends

The Iroquois confederacy is made up of six independent nations: Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca and Tuscarora.  These six natins took the path of peace and friendship, unitiing as a confederacy under the Great Law of Peace.  Our U.S. Constitution was based on the Iroquois confederacy's Great Law of Peace...which was written by women.

18" x 9"


Mark Fischer


Thirteen Moons

During the night time we see the moon.  We have been instructed to address her as our Grandmother.  In her cycle, she makes her face new in harmony with other female life.  Our Grandmother Moon still follows the instructions of the Creator.
20" x 11"


#6514 Mark Fischer River

We give thanks to the spirit of waters for our strength and well being.  The waters of the world have provided many things.
11.5" x 24.5"
$350 Sold

Mark Fischer Turtle Clan Art

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