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How To Clean Liquid Silver

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Liquid silver or silver heshi is a staple of Southwestern jewelry, but is appropriate anywhere. Elegant yet understated, liquid silver is perfect for any attire, formal or informal. Liquid silver is the name given to necklaces, earrings, and bracelets made of silver heshi. Heshi are very fine and very small beads. In  liquid silver, the beads are made of sterling silver and then plated nearly pure silver. The result is a spectacular silver rope that emulates its name.

Cleaning Liquid Silver
 To clean liquid silver, put baking powder in the palm
 of your hand and gently roll the silver back and
 forth.   There is enough grit in the powder to gently
 clean the strands if the piece is not too tarnished.
 If the piece is heavily tarnished, you may use a
 liquid cleaner.   Be sure you read the directions
 first, not all cleaners work with gems and minerals.
 If you do use a liquid cleaner, when finished, flush
 the piece with clear water to remove any chemicals
 between and inside the tiny silver pieces.  
 Prevention is the best way to keep your piece bright
 and beautiful.  If you keep the jewelry in a box or
 another type of air tight container, it will stay
 shinier longer.