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Michael Kanteena

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Remembering the beautiful pot shards he had picked up as a boy, and wishing to learn about his ancient roots, which he knew went back to New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon (the Anasazi Culture), he began collecting archeological catalogues of pottery forms.

Through extensive study, trial and error, and even consultation with archaeologists, he developed his pottery into remarkably close reproductions of Chacoan and Mesa Verde pottery.

Recently, his studies have expanded to the Mimbres and ancient Mexican People, where human and animal effigies are common. Michael has added his own contemporary designs to these ancient themes, to develop his own unique art form.

A single effigy may be based on a Toltec theme, painted with Chacoan designs, and put together in contemporary form.

Various feature articles have been written about Michael and his unique style of pottery making. These include the Gallup Independent newspaper. Native Peoples Magazine, and the Southwest Art Magazine.


#8572s Michael Kanteena Ram Canteen
4.5" x 6.25"
#8573s Michael Kanteena Large Ram Pot
8" x 5"
$320 Sold
#8574s Michael Kanteena Hummingbird Canteen
3.25" x 8.5"
#8576s Michael Kanteena Polychrome Deer
(+2" antler) x 3.5"
$140 Sold
#8577s Michael Kanteena Frog Effegy
4" x 5.25"
#8578s Michael Kanteena Bird Pot
5" x 4.5"