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 Kootshongsie (1916-1996)
is best known as Jimmy
 Koots.  He was born at Hotevilla during World War I and was removed and taken to government schools to be assimilated into the White Man's culture.  At age 22, Koots was sent to the Pacific to fight in World War II. Upon return, he fought against big oil companies and the US government when they tried to take the Hopi reservtion due to the wealth of mineral resources. He was one of a group of Hopi that revived the ancient art of traditional Hopi kachina carvings.  His work was never signed, but can be easily identified because of the distinctive look of his work. 

These dolls, coming from an important collection may be found at River Tradig Post, Scottsdale.

#8264s Jimmy

Ogre with Captured Hano Clown 16" $4800 Sold
#8265s Jimmy

Hopi Wakas or Cow Kachina 17" $8600
#8266s Jimmy

Ma'asau 14.5" $2800 Sold
#8267s Jimmy

Mastop 10.25" $2100 Sold
#8268s Jimmy

Mudhead with Baby 11.25" $3800

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