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How To Determine If The Size Is Right For You
We believe that we have one of the nicest collections of Indian bracelets around.  As you browse, you will find many tempting contemporary and antique pieces.  We show you the circumference of each piece and the gap width.  The best way to size a bracelet is with a piece of string.  Just wrap the string around your wrist, then measure the length of the string.  That will tell you the circumference of the bracelet that will best fit you. The circumference includes the gap.

#4245s Navajo Great old watchband converted to a bracelet.
6.25"c x 1 1/8"g

#3502s Navajo 6 Blue Gem stones in this bracelet by Aaron Toadlena.
6.76" x 1"g
$550 Sold

#3274 Navajo 1950-60 Navajo repose bracelet.
6.25"c x 1"g
#3099 Navajo "Fred Harvey" bracelet.
5.5"c x 1"g
$110 Sold
#3094 Navajo "Fred Harvey" bracelet.
5.75"c x 1"g


#3273S Zuni 1930's Zuni 5 stone bracelet.
6"c x 1 1/8"g
$375 Sold
#5863S Navajo 1940's bracelet with twisted wire band.
6"c x 1"f

#6151s Navajo 1970's bracelet with natural Nevada turquoise.
6.25"c x 7/8"g x 1.75"w
$480 Sold
#5349s Navajo Navajo bracelet stamped "C"
6.5"c x 1.5"g

#5687s Navajo Navajo bracelet stamped "VB"
6.75"c x 1.25"c

#4631 Navajo 1940's Navajo bracelet.
5.75"c x 1"g


#3067 Zuni 1940's or '50's hand twisted bracelet.
6.25"c x 1"g


#3272 Navajo 1930's twisted wire bracelet with Blue Gem turquoise.
6.5"c x 1"g
$375 Sold
#3089S Navajo 1970's bracelet with beautiful Lone Mountain turquoise.
Stamped "BH"  Stone is 2" x 1.25"
7"c x 1.25"g
$600 Sold
#4192 Navajo Navajo butterfly bracelet with mother of pearl, jet and coral inlay.
6.5"c x 1"g


#3540s Navajo Cluster bracelet with natural turquoise.
5.75" x 1"g
$550 Sold
#5712 Navajo Sand Cast Bracelet stamped "M. Bit's"
6.5"c x 1.25"g

#5735 Navajo Sand Cast Bracelet
6 7/8" x 1.25"


2234a.jpg (40279 bytes)

#2234F Navajo A really stunning Navajo bracelet.  Simple, elegant.
6" x 1"G
$600 Sold

1937.JPG (21856 bytes)

#1937s Navajo Navajo cluster bracelet from the 1930's.
6.5" c x 1.25"g


1938.JPG (36936 bytes)

#1938F Navajo Unusual 1940's bracelet with petrified wood set.
6.25"c x 1"g
$1200 Sold
#6009s Navajo Sterling bracelet by Al Joe (IACA Artist of the Year winner)
6"c x 1"g


#3618s Navajo Stamped sterling bracelet.
6.75"c x 1.5"g
$149 Sold
#4009 Navajo Sterling bracelet by Mary and Ken Bill.  Great for men.
7.5"c x 1 3/8"g


#3550 Navajo 1930's bracelet, stamped and repose with butterfly and human figures.
7.25"c x 1"g


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