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How To Determine If The Size Is Right For You
We believe that we have one of the nicest collections of Indian bracelets around.  As you browse, you will find many tempting contemporary and antique pieces.  We show you the circumference of each piece and the gap width.  The best way to size a bracelet is with a piece of string.  Just wrap the string around your wrist, then measure the length of the string.  That will tell you the circumference of the bracelet that will best fit you. The circumference includes the gap.

#8100s Navajo 1960's bracelet with turquoise and coral.
6.25"c x 1"g
#6355s Navajo 1960's Turquoise bracelet.
5.75"c x 1.5"g
$500 Sold
#5080s Navajo 1940's bracelet with #8 turquoise
6.5"c x 1 1/8"g
#6122s Navajo Classic 1970's bracelet possibly by Robert Lee Smiley.
6 3/8"c x 1.24"g x 1.75"w
$380 Sold
#6600 Navajo 1970's Shadowbox bracelt with 6 turquoise stones.
7"c x 1.25"g x 1.5"w
#3542s Navajo 1940's, large square center turquoise with turquoise frame.
6.5"c x 1.25"g
#3508s Navajo Suede polished turquoise, ca. 1950.
7" x 1.5"g
$525 Sold
#4962 Navajo Harrison Jim tufa cast bracelet.
7"c x 1.25"g
#3064s Zuni 1950's sunface inlay of turquoise, tet, mother of pearl and spiny oyster.
6"c x 1"g
#6083 Navajo Navajo bracelet stamped "ETB sr."
6"c x 1.25"g
$580   Sold
#6084 Navajo Navajo Coral Bracelet by Paul Livingston
6"x c 1.25"g
$495   Sold
#6085 Navajo Navajo Coral Bracelet by B. Johnson
6"c x 1"g
$410   Sold
#5731 Navajo 4 row coral cuff.  Stamped "HS"
6.75"C X 1"G

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