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This special collection of historic Navajo weavings was previously on display for over twenty years at a leading Chicago banking institution.  It was the centerpiece of a much larger art collection at the bank.  Each piece was carefully mounted and displayed.  Time however caused the exposed side of many weavings to gently fade, resulting in a distinctive A/B side to many of them.  The A side is as vibrant as the day the weaving left the loom.  The B side has aged into soft pastels.  We make a special note of those weavings with the A/B side.  The images below picture the A side of each weaving.
The pricing on each of these weavings reflects the overall condition of the piece, and in each case is below the value appraised in 2000.

#3340F 18.5" x 19" Early 20th century sampler of old Germantown yarn. $725

#3356 38" x 52" Early 20th century regional weaving. $1400 Sold

#3357F 38" x 52" Regional weaving circa 1920. $900 Sold

#3358F 73" x 56" 1920's regional weaving with Chief's motif. $1500 Sold

#3359F 73" x 56" Absolutely fabulous Germantown weaving from around 1880.  Very fine weave. Light general fading due to age. $16,000 Sold

#3367 40" x 67" A/B sided Storm Pattern circa 1920. $2050

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