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This collection might be considered to be our pride and joy.  The weavings here are absolute classics and are in truly museum quality condition.  Indeed each would contribute handsomely to a museum collection.  The "youngest" textile we include in this collection dates back to 1940's, with an exception or two.

#8308s  61" x 42"  1939 Blue Ribbon Yei  $5200
  #8430s  37" x 67.5"  Lukachukai Single Yebechi weaving circa 1910 - 1920 $8000
#7812s 43" x 27" each 1890 - 1900 Navajo Dress Panels $11,000 Sold

2340.jpg (133158 bytes)

#2340S 72" x 50" Circa 1911, this J.B. Moore Crystal Weaving is outstanding.  Hand-spun wool woven with lazy lines in cream, dark brown, gray and aniline red. $10000 Sold

#3139 72" x 55" J.B. Moore Crystal weaving.  A variant of Plate XXIII in the Moore catalogue The Navajo.
Woven of gray, red, cream and black wool.

1599.JPG (32444 bytes)1599b.JPG (31928 bytes)


53" x 72" Very soft, finely woven men's wearing blanket from around 1903.  An absolutely fabulous design of bold stripes and diamonds.

This weaving is from Crystal and is pictured on Plate II in the 1903 edition of the J.B. Moore catalog.


1153.jpg (44077 bytes)


51" x 56" Exceptionally fine third phase chief's blanket from the 1890's.  Very tightly woven and in museum quality condition.

1602.JPG (40751 bytes)


50" x 80" This is a very large Germantown weaving circa
 1880 - 1890.  It is in exceptional condition...a museum piece.

2177.JPG (44167 bytes)

#2177F 68.25"
The design is fabulous in this 1930's regional weaving, and the piece is in exceptionally fine condition.   $4500 Sold
#4671s 48" x 65" Beautifully woven 1930's regional weaving.  Very fine condition. $3500

1359.JPG (27619 bytes)


44 1/2" x 86" From around 1930, this great old Crystal Variant is handspun with natural and aniline dyes.  There are two very tiny stain spots on one side, but this is a classic .

#3257 50" x 60" Regional "Square Five" weaving from 1920's or 1930's. $2200 Sold

1426.JPG (52981 bytes)


67.5" x 90X This huge Germantown eyedazzler is from 1895.  The purple, yellow, orange and green colors are vegetal dyes.  An absolutely beautiful great example of timeless weaving and in excellent condition. $13000 Sold

555.JPG (42817 bytes)


45" x 66" 1920's Crystal weaving.  Lazy lines and great color.  Some repair from long ago and some fray around the edges.  Otherwise very fine condition. $2800

1598.JPG (41477 bytes)


72" X 53" A large, beautiful handspun regional weaving from the 1920's or '30's.  Excellent condition.  Great design and vibrant colors. $5950 Sold

559.JPG (30628 bytes)


42" x 78" Absolutely stunning, museum quality Ganado textile from around 1940.  Mint condition.

1150.JPG (39969 bytes)


68" x 43" A beautiful, large storm pattern from the 1940's.  This was woven in the Red Lake area. $2500 Sold

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