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As a collector of fine Native American art and artifacts, you will certainly appreciate the collections that we bring to you.

Be it 448.JPG (20315 bytes)ancient pottery, or award winning weavings, we search out  unique works that are great values and that will contribute significantly to your collection and appreciation of Native American art and artifacts.

We will send any item to your for your 72 hour  approval.  You may return the item within 72 hours and you will receive an immediate and full refund.

Our goals are simple.  By understanding them you will have a greater appreciation for the wonderful items in our collection.

  • Our number one goal is your satisfaction.  If for some reason an item does not measure up to your expectations, you may return it within 72 hours of receiving it and we will promptly refund your investment.

  • We guarantee the authenticity of the items in our collection, and your purchase will be fully documented by River Trading Post.

  • We strive to present you with unique, hard to find, selections that you won't find without your own extensive search. In fact, you won't find them at all because most items are one of a kind. 

  • We respect the Antiquities act, and any ancient  items offered by us have been recovered from either private property or private collections.

  • Our pricing is fair market value.  They are firm prices. 12.jpg (17487 bytes) Our prices include our costs and a small return for our efforts.  Nothing more.

  • Because our items are one of a kind, there is no guarantee of availability, although we do our best to keep our website current.

  • When you purchase an item from River Trading Post, we will guarantee your purchase value. Should you decide to trade your piece for one of greater value at River Trading Post, we will credit the price of your original purchase toward the price of your new one, providing your piece is in the same fine condition as when you originally purchased it from us.

Thank you for visiting River Trading Post. Enjoy. If you have any questions, comments, or would just like to chat, please contact us.




































A Yarn About Prices and Discounts

Not long ago, we happened to be visiting a gallery in the Southwest's top  Indian art market.  We couldn't help but overhear a lady ask the sales person, "How much for this Kachina doll?"

The sales person looked at the lady, and at the Kachina doll, and replied, "It is priced at $1900, but we'll sell it to you for $890."

"Well, who carved it?," asked the lady?

"A carver from Hopi," was the response.

Now sometimes we have a problem minding our own business, so we volunteered that the carver was one of the best at Hopi.  That was enough for the lady, and she purchased the Kachina doll for $890.  A $1,010 discount, just like that!

A pretty great discount for the lady who actually paid just about $390 more for that Kachina doll than she would have paid us for the same Kachina doll, by the exact same fine Hopi carver.

We guess there are some folks out there that are more interested in the size of a discount than they are in what they actually paid for an object.  But, that's life.

Since we've been collecting for 40 some years, we've got a pretty fair idea of what something is worth, and we made up our mind that we are going to price things for what they're worth at River Trading Post.  So, that's exactly what we do.

We might be old fashioned, but we believe that the best deal is for a collector to pay a fair, honest price for an item.  We just don't expect our customers to pay more for a beautiful item than we would pay for it ourselves.

Sometimes we tend to feel just a bit sheepish when someone asks us for a deep discount on an item and we say, "sorry."  But when we think that our marked price for that Kachina doll was 74% below the marked price at that gallery, and 43% below what the lady actually paid, we don't feel so badly at all...except for that lady.