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Cliff Fragua Sculpture


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Cliff Fragua

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Cliff Fragua's work shows pride for his culture and a deep understanding of the inherent spirituality of the stone.

Among his works, The Pueblo Potter, stands as a centerpiece at River Trading Post, Scottsdale.  Click here to read additional details regarding this magnificent monumental piece.

Child of the Clouds stands proudly at River Trading Post, Dundee.  She stands seven feet tall.  You can read much more about this significant work by clicking here

We are pleased to bring an extensive collection of magnificent Stone work by Cliff Fragua as well as a selection of his exceptionally beautiful Bronze pieces. 

You can see Cliff Fragua's work in both of our galleries.

Click on an image below to see additional information about each piece.


Watch A River Trading Post Podcast Featuring a One-on-One With Cliff Fragua

Marble and Alabaster
Cliff Fragua

Pueblo Potter

Releasing The Rain

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Star Cloud

 forcesofthe earth.jpg (45458 bytes)

Forces of Earth

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Moon Above The Clouds


 Summerbreeze.JPG (16213 bytes)
Summer Breeze

Voices Of The Wind


Eloquent Solitude.JPG (14544 bytes)
Eloquent Solitude


Cliff Fragua

Child of the Clouds Child of the Clouds

Shawl Dancer Series

Shawl Dancer Series

Ancestor's Song


Sways To The Music

In Mother's Loving Arms

Ocean Breeze


Clouds Of Joy

Transcending Passage

Approaching Rain

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Ancestral Dreams

In His Full Regalia

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