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Ed Seechoma


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Ed Seechoma

Ed is from Hotevilla, Third Mesa and is Rabbit Clan.  We love Ed's work because he sticks to the old ways in creating them.  He uses old horseshoe files, strictly natural pigments, and he even hand-ties all of his feathers.  He is a very favorite of ours, and you just might see him around our place...either with newly created carvings, or maybe singing.  He's great at that, too.


#6858s Ed Seechoma Butterfly Maiden 10.25" $370 Sold
#6859s Ed Seechoma Hilili 10.5" $300
#5472s Ed Seechoma Mauau Mana 11.5" $500
#4649s Edward Seechoma Turquoise Nose Man 10.5" $500
#3440S Edward Seechoma Monongye Kachina 9" $450
2779.jpg (24658 bytes) #2779 Edward Seechoma Avachoya 9" $430

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