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This page depicts the diversity of Native American Art, yesterday and today. It represents a collection of highly unusual, sometimes impossible to find traditional items that reflect the spirit and enduring will of Native America through the ages. 

It also represents Native American Art that is created from non-traditional materials, especially glass, that shows each of us how top Native American Artists continue their cultural tradition through new media.

 These collections represent the results of our efforts to bring you the opportunity to learn about Native America and to participate, in a small way, in the magnificent history and art of The People.

  Carol Snow Metal Leaf Art  Jill Shwaiko Limited Editions Adrian Wall Glass Art
 Cradleboards   Other Diverse Art Forms


Each of Carol Lujan's Glasswork may be featured as a wall display,
or on an easel.

#6811s Carol Lujan Red Yeii Mask
13" x 8"
#6812s Carol Lujan Blue Glass Dragonfly
Square Bowl
12" x 12"
#6768s Carol Lujan Glass
Yeii Mask
12.25" x 8"
$480 Sold
#6769s Carol Lujan Glass
Yeii Mask
12" x 8"
$480 Sold
#6770s Carol Lujan Red Glass "Weaving"
12" x 15"
#6771s Carol Lujan Glass "Weaving"
12" x 15"

Adrian Wall Glass Art
#6867 Adrian Wall Glass Kachina Spirit
17.5" x 13.5"
#6868 Adrian Wall Glass Kachina Spirit
17.5" x 13.5"
#6869 Adrian Wall Glass Kachina Spirit
17.5" x 13.5"
#7797 Adrian Wall Glass Kachina Spirit
17.5" x 14"


Jill Shwaiko Limited Editions

This group of images comes from my study of ancient civilizations and their artwork. I was fortunate to go and visit a number of the Anasazi ruins in the Southwest. There, I studied the rock art of the area and found the big horn sheep petroglyphs to have a language of their own. I began developing these images into bronzes and oil pastels. During this process, I felt them speaking to me; sometimes in quite an endearing way.
See the
Jill Shwaiko

In the Hopi culture, the groom and his male relatives weave fine wedding clothes for the bride, a process that may take months.

The bride will appear dressed in the white wedding robe, white deerskin boots and a black manta.  Her face will be painted white, and in her arms she will carry another robe identical to the one that she is wearing.  The second robe will be in a “suitcase” made of willow twigs,  and rain sash symbolizing fertility. She eventually will be wrapped in that one when her life ends, and she will be buried in it for her trip to the cloud country, where cloud people reside.

Today, such a rare ensemble (right) is on display, and available at River Trading Post, Scottsdale.  It includes two wedding robes, a reed wrapping mat, moccasins, and rain sash. 


Many Native American nations. Various
The doll is an integral part of Native American life, and of our Diverse Indian Arts collection. Various
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Carol Snow Art
#5148f Seneca Three of a Kind
16" x 20"
$300 Sold
#5153 Seneca Warrior's Horses
11.75" x 28.25"
#5156s Seneca Eagles Keep My Heart Stong
20" x 23.5"
#5157s Seneca Ancient Talismans
26" x 12"
$450 Sold
Edward S. Curtis Photogravures
See Our Curtis Collection for details of these original historic images. Edward S. Curtis Variable A limited selection of original Photogravures by Edward S. Curtis.  Beautiful and original Curtis images. Price Varies Please See Our Edward S. Curtis Collection
#6524s Comanche 23" Toy cradleboard created by Beverly Issac.  Detail includes a beaded miniture Turtle Fetish and a Medicine Bag on either side of the opening.  Buckskin and cedar. $450
#6488 Crow 18" x 5" Child's toy cradleboard by award winning Crow Artist, Mary Lou Big Day. $200
#6392s Osage 11" x 11" x 33" Osage cradleboard circa 1930 - 1940 with fingerwoven tying sash. $3400 Sold
#6377 Sioux 16" x 30" 1960's Sioux cradleboard $350 Sold

#3138 Plateau 39" x 13" Beaded hide cradleboard composed of bent wood wrapped with hide.  Beaded lizard fetish hangs on the side.  From the ex collection of Carl Moon.  Cradleboard retains original Moon leather label. $5320
2419.JPG (27699 bytes)
2419a.JPG (42395 bytes)
#2419 Plains 22" x 9" A beautiful contemporary beaded cradleboard with geometric design in yellow, orange, red and blue on a white background.  In a museum display case that has some scratches. $800
Other Diverse Art Forms
#5992f Navajo 11" Navajo Folk Art
L. Burlin

#2770s Navajo Size Small A great vest woven for a little boy.   $500 Sold
#6035 Ramona Morrow (Ojibwe) 28" x 30" Buffalo Hunt Pictoral $500
#6001 Mary Lou Big Day
25" tomahawk axe;
7" x 16" weaving
A beautiful creation by IACA Artist of the Year winner, Mary Lou Big Day. $550 Sold

#1919F Navajo 5.5" x 5.75" 1940's Navajo medicine man bag decorated with antique dimes. $4400 Sold
#318 Navajo 3.75" high x 1.5" dia An unusal sterling holy oil bottle created for Father Davis at St. Michaels Mission, Arizona. $300
#6888 Navajo 2.5" x 1.5" x .5" Navajo Pollen Box $240

1980.JPG (40707 bytes)

#1980 Sioux 17" x 3" Antique Turtle Society ceremonial drum.

#1009s Hopi 20" x 18"  

Salako Mana dance tablita.


$560 Sold

#1110s Hopi 18" x 24" Palhik Mana Dance Tablita. $750

#3253 Iroquois 11.25" x 14.25" A pow-wow breastplate constructed of bone hair pipe, glass beads and brass bells.  From the Six-Nations Reserve, Canada $240 Sold

#3343 Sioux 9" x 21" Early 20th century Sioux Woman's Ceremonial Breastplate.  Exhibited in Lucite Museum case. $1500

#1714s Plateau 13" x 25" A plateau parfleche circa 1910. Very fine condition. $2000

#3362 Crow 14" x 28" A parfleche from around 1880.  Mounted in a Lucite museum display. $2200 Sold

#3392S Santo Domingo Pueblo 30" x 54" This is a 1940's dance kilt used during the Buffalo dance at Santo Domingo Pueblo.  It is decorated with tin jingles, and includes a dance pouch. $2000 Sold

#3344 Northwest Coast Quiver 22" x 4"; Bow 41" x 2"; Arrows 30" Northwest Bow,  8 Arrows and WoodenQuiver from around 1900. Exhibited in a 40.5" x 50" Lucite museum display. $2500

1985.JPG (41739 bytes)

#1985 Sioux 33" x 25" Hide painting depicting horse raids by the Sioux on different surrounding tribes.  Decorated with coup feathers, indicating that no blood was shed during the raids.  By Robert Young. $600

#3377 U.S. Government Survey 6" x 9" Image in 17" x 19" matted frame. This original lithograph was by H.B. Mollhausen and published by the United States 35th Parallel Survey around 1860.  It is titled "Indian Designs and Manufactures" and is inscribed in the image.  $225

#3290 San Xavier Reservation;
Tohono O'odham
7" tall with 7" x 9" brim We rescued this dusty "Chiefs Top Hat" from a dusty shelf at the San Xavier mission.  The colors of the beaded brim represent the four seasons as well as the four directions. $900 Sold

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