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Much of the wonderful work of the Plains People has been lost over time, unless one is lucky enough to happen upon a great old piece.  Work of the Sioux, Cheyenne, Crow, Blackfeet, Assiniboine seemingly have vanished.

But the spirit of those great people lives today thanks to Native and non-Native people who are committed to and painstakingly and faithfully recreate the items used in another era. 

Here, you have the opportunity to share in those times past with our collection of hides and shields that recall the difficulties of the Plains People in the past.


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Ghost Shirt

This spectacular, soft brain tanned, hide shirt is decorated with fur and trade cloth.  Directly from the Blackfeet Heritage Center.
Men's Medium


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Painting on burlap bag.

What a great piece!  Painting "Lakota Courtship" by Frank Shortey features the male side and the female side on a burlap corn bag.
30.5" x 16"



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"Morning Star" Painted Elk Robe

Created by renowned Blackfeet artist, Deanne Morris, this 74" x 59" elk hide robe features figures of stars and butterflies.  The "Morning Star" Elk Robe is stunning.


1389.JPG (47735 bytes)

Buffalo Hunt Painting

A contemporary rendering of the buffalo hunt by Sioux artist Frank Shortey.  On deer hide.



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Small Parfleche

A contemporary parfleche by Blackfeet artist, Thomas Wall.
It measures 5" x 8"



1257.JPG (33753 bytes)

Large Parfleche

Created by Blackfeet artist, Jackie Parsons, this parfleche measures 22" x 13"