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The Pueblo Potter by Cliff Fragua

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Catalogue ID: 320
Dimensions: 72" x 27" x 14"
Material: New Mexican Alabaster
Weight: 1,200 lbs.
Price: $28,000



The Pueblo Potter stands today as a centerpiece at River Trading Post, Scottsdale. One of Cliff Fragua's monumental pieces.  The sculpture, from New Mexican Alabaster, would make a significant art and cultural statement as a part of any museum, corporate or personal art collection.

Pottery traditions are handed down from generation to generation, from mother to daughter.  This sculpture honors that tradition.  I come from a family of potters which presently are three generations producing Pueblo pottery.  I remember how my grandmother used to sit at the table molding the clay.  The sound of squishing and slapping the clay, then the gentle, almost indistinguishable sound of the clay being coiled into the pot.  My grandmother passed away a couple of years ago.  But with her knowledge and respect for the clay, which she learned from her mother, the women of my clan, the Corn Clan, continue this treasured tradition. 

- Cliff Fragua



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