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In His Full Regalia by Cliff Fragua

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Artist: Cliff Fragua
Catalogue ID: #4643
Edition Number: Assigned upon placing reservation
Dimensions: 21.5" x 9" x 8.25"
Material: Bronze
Price: $3200

Cliff Fragua's In His Full Regalia is a limited edition of just 30.  To place your reservation, call River Trading Post at 866-426-6901.  We require a 30% deposit at the time of reservation.  Please allow eight to ten weeks for us to cast your personal sculpture.


Of his work, Fragua says "To the Pueblo people, the deer is a sacred spirit that dwells in the mountains and mesas.  In Pueblo beliefs, the deer and hunter are destined to meet on the trail and, the deer offers his life and blessings to feed the family of the hunter. When the deer is taken home, he is laid in a place of honor, and a bowl of cornmeal is placed next to it. Word is spread around to the community and all are invited to partake of a feast. Everyone comes to offer cornmeal and say a prayer to the deer to thank him for sacrificing his life.

If a hunter chooses to have the deer mounted by a taxidermist, then the mount is hung in a prominent place in the house. The family will dress the deer in a beautiful textile and turquoise necklaces, and in some cases, tying parrot feathers on the head. Many Pueblo homes have these deer mounts dressed to honor the one who gave his life to sustain life for others."