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Child Of The Clouds by Cliff Fragua

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Catalogue ID: 1079s
Child of the Clouds
Colorado Yule Marble
84" tall x 27" wide x 18"deep

Catalogue ID: 2390
Child of the Clouds
Bronze  - Edition#2 of 8
84" tall x 27" wide x 18"deep
The Centerpiece of River Trading Post - Dundee

This elegant sculpture reflects the Pueblo people’s reliance on the rain clouds. During certain ceremonies the headdress, called a tablita, is worn to represent the clouds. On the reverse side of this sculpture hair flows from the head to the feet. In Pueblo culture the hair represents rain. The engraving on the front symbolizes songs from the ceremonies to induce moisture from the cloud spirits. The necklace represents the beauty of one’s inner self, and the shell represents where life began.

-- Cliff Fragua   




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