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Caroline Carpio

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Peaceful Thoughts
Caroline Carpio

Peaceful Thoughts honors the Pueblo potter's sacred connection with Mother Earth, the ancestors, and ways of life.

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18" x 15 1/4" x 13"
#7 of 35




Bronze # 15/40
7" x 12"




Cloud in Bronze
7" x 7"


Pot With Swirls in Bronze
6" x 8.75"





riveroflifeb.jpg (69388 bytes)

River Of Life
#18 OF 30
8" x 11"
Edition Closed

"The first piece I made similar to the "River of Life"  was made in Japan during my artist in residence, (it did not have any beads inlaid, and it was more of a vase shape, but definitely had the same style of rim).  So the inspiration for this piece was indeed a result of being surrounded by water."

This sculpture is now part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Arizona, and at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian.

The edition is closed.




River of Life II
#3 OF 35
8" x 10.5"

A beautiful sequel to Caroline's sold out edition of the original River of Life.


River Of Life
Miniature Edition
#4 OF 35
5.5" x 6"

Caroline's River Of Life also has been created in a beautiful miniature edition, for people with a bit less space.

This edition is closed.


Creators Blessing
21" x 8" x 5"
#3 of 35

Creators Blessing is in reverence to life.

The giver of life is embodied in the female and seeds of the corn, and the male depiction is represented in the step pattern which symbolizes the clouds calling on the rain to make the harvest fertile.
The spirals signify the continuance of our journey.


cornmothera.jpg (98128 bytes)

Corn Mother
7" diameter
#11 of 30

The roundness depicts Mother Earth, and the corn personifies the female, the opening represents the womb; a new beginning, a new spirit.  This piece honors life.




songfromheart.jpg (42108 bytes)

Song From The Heart
10.5" x 10.5"

The original of "Song From The Heart" was made in Japan during my artist in residence.

She is singing a song of gratitude to the Creator for this tremendous honor.  My goal was to capture my native background and the experience of being there.  It was amazing to see the dragonflies by the hundreds, hence their depiction.  And due to the time difference, the stars and moon are a reflection of back home.



Corn Bronzed Pot
6" x 7.5"


Corn, the giver of live, a continuing theme of Caroline Carpio, is richly detailed in her Corn Bronzed Pot.




Caroline Carpio