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January:March 2004                       Volume 1, Issue 1

         Trading Trading Post TimesPost Times
         Trading rading Post TimesPost Times

                                     R i v e r   T r a d i n g   P o s t

                                     RTP SCOTTSDALE HOSTS CAROLYN CARPIO

                                     Renowned Isleta Pueblo artist,   create something beautiful that
          INSIDE THIS ISSUE:         Caroline Carpio visits River   comes from Mother Earth,
                                     Trading Post, Scottsdale March   from which we all came."
                                     5 through March 7.  A public
          Cliff Fragua Goes to   2
          Washington                 opening reception will be held   During her visit, Caroline will
                                     on Thursday, March 4.      exhibit a full range of her pot-
          Native Art Isn’t Just   2                             tery and her sculpture, includ-
          Southwest                  Carpio’s work has taken major
                                     awards at the Santa Fe Indian   ing Prayers for the World pictured
          Antique Germantown   3     Market, the IACA Spring Mar-  at the right.                   Caroline Carpio
          Classic, A Rare Find       ket, the Red Earth Festival, the
                                     Heard Museum Art Show and
          American Indian College  3   the New Mexico State Fair.
          Fund: Building Lives
                                     Thud-Bese, meaning Sun
          Favorite Places: White   4
          House Ruins                Tablita, is Caroline's Tiwa
                                     name.  She was raised, and
                                     lives, in Isleta Pueblo where she
                                     articulates her Tiwa heritage
         SPECIAL POINTS OF INTEREST:   through her exceptional sculp-
                                     ture.  This is her way to  pay                                Prayers for the World
         •  Traditional Pueblo Arts. Ongoing at
           River Trading Post, Scottsdale   homage to her Creator..."to
         •  Rainbow Dancers Winter Gathering.
           Central College, East Peoria, IL. Febru-
           ary 7
                                     HEARD MUSEUM INDIAN MARKET SET
         •  Heard Museum Show  - March 6 & 7.
           Phoenix, AZ.
         •  Caroline Carpio Exhibit at River Trading
           Post. March 5 through 7. Scottsdale,   Mark your calendars.  March 6   15,000 visitors and collectors   You will want to make sure to
           AZ.                       and March 7 will see the   from around the world to visit   visit River Trading Post in
         •  St. Joseph Feast and Harvest Day.  Old   crowds being drawn to the   the market this year.     Scottsdale during your visit to
           Laguna Pueblo, NM.  March 19.   Heard Museum’s annual Indian                    the Heard Indian market to
                                                                We believe this is one of the
                            of the finest in the                     relax with Caroline Carpio and
                                                                best places around to meet es-
                                     country.                                              other Native America artists .
                                                                tablished artists, and the bright-
                                     The museum expects more than   est of the new.
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