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We believe that collecting Native American Art should be fun, educational, and inspirational.  So we try to go beyond the selling aspect of what we do to enhance your collecting experiences. Here are a few of the services that we offer to help do that.

Trading Post Times

Our Trading Post Times comes in two flavors.  A quarterly newsletter mailed to interested collectors, and an on-line edition that is e-mailed to subscribers.  Both versions include information about great pieces of Native American Art, about the artists themselves, as well as other timely topics of interest to avid collectors. You can subscribe to one or both of these right on our website. Because collectors have asked for it, we have preserved our entire volume of printed editions on-line for you to enjoy...and to print if you so desire.  Just visit the Trading Post Times Archives.

River Trading Post Pod Network

Our River Trading Post Pod Network provides interviews, videos and even Native American music by top artists.  This is an enjoyable way to gain insights from the unique perspective of many Native American Artists.

River Trading Post Events

Each year, we host a number of events in our galleries where visitors have the opportunity to visit with many of today's leading Native American artists.  Our annual Native American Artist Show and Sale in Scottsdale has become a gathering place for collectors and artists.

Artist In Residence & Artist Showcase Programs

These highly unique River Trading Post programs provide a valuable service to both collectors and to artists.  Collectors have the opportunity to visit one-on-one with the artists, and the artists have the opportunity to sell their works to our visitors.  Artist Showcase participants retain 100% of their sales dollars.

Collector Evaluations

While we aren't appraisers in a literal sense, we know enough about things that we can give collectors a solid idea about the value of many items in today's market. We are happy to do that for you for a very nominal fee.

If you wish an appraisal or a formal valuation of your entire collection, including a detailed report, we suggest that you read about appraisals, valuations and how we may be able to help. Read our guide:
River Trading Post American Indian Art Evaluation Services.