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Raynard Lalo

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Raynard LaloRaynard Lalo is one of our favorites at River Trading Post.

Of the Spider Clan, Raynard began carving at age fifteen, and uses only natural earth pigments, crushed to a fine powder, to make his paints.

Raynard has won several awards for his fine work including from the Heard Museum Show and the Tuhisma Show.  He loves to carve pairs, as you can see here.  And they are wonderful.

#8439s Raynard Lalo Palhik Mana 13.5" $300 Sold
#8441s Raynard Lalo Kokopellil 9" $240
#8438s Raynard Lalo Blowing Sand 10.75" $240
#8437s Raynard Lalo Lightning Longhair 10.25" $240
#7806s Raynard Lalo Cactus Kachina 12.5" $280
#7808 Raynard Lalo Owl Kachina 11" $240
#6779s Raynard Lalo Masau/Masau Mana pair 10.75" & 9" $450
#6675s Raynard Lalo Fox Kachina 9.5" $200 Sold
#6676s Raynard Lalo Mocking Bird Kachina 10.5" $260
] #6517 Raynard Lalo Soyok Wuhti (Ogre Woman) 12.5" $500
#6259s Raynard Lalo Bean Kachna 12" $300 Sold
#6227s Raynard Lalo Zuni Warrior 8.25" $300

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