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Ramson Lomatewama: Ending a Tradition

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Since way back in 2005, we have offered over 130 of Ramson's carvings to our collectors.
Ramson has retired from creating his world class kachina dolls, as he pursues other interests, including
glass art and teaching.

As Ramson retires from creating his famous kachina carvings, so does River Trading Post
close out a great relationship with this very special artist.

Treasure your Ramson kachina doll.  There won't be another one.


Ramson Lomatewama is a multi-talented artist from Hoatvela, Arizona.  He is a member of the Hopi tribe who speaks his native language and is an active participant in his religion. Ramson Lomatewama

Ramson is a successful jeweler, glass blower, stained glass artist, poet and traditional style Katsina doll carver.  He lectures all over the country.

Currently he is doing an assortment of jewelry depicting the split twig animals found in the caves of the Grand Canyon and petroglyph/pictrograph figures of significance to the Hopi people

His books of poetry include Silent Winds, Poetry of One Hopi, Ascending the Reed and Drifting Through Ancestor Dreams.  A book of his selected poems was published in France in early 2001. 

Ramson is what those in the trading business call a “hard-core” traditional katsina doll carver. He is featured in the Johnathon Day book Traditional Hopi Kachinas.

Ramson carves his Kachinas the old way using obsidian as tool to work the cottonwood root.  He uses natural pigments in all of his painting.

Ramson no longer carves his famous kachina dolls, and these few represent the end of a tradition from a top Hopi cultural artist.

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The Very Last Two and into a Private Collection

#3856 Navan Katsina 14.5"
#3857 Kuwan

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