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Navajo Rug Orphans

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Our "rug orphans" are otherwise fabulous weavings that have been damaged over time.  We offer these weavings because they have historic value, and because with restoration can regain much of their former beauty, and value.  As you will see, you can rescue one of our rug orphans at a very reasonable price.

  #6835  39" x 26.5"  A Sunday saddle blanket circa 1900. This one was used, and used hard.  A classic, historic design...but a definite rug orphan. $450    Sold 

2842.JPG (69513 bytes)

#2842F 20" x 25" This little pictorial sampler is a very nice little weaving. $200

558.JPG (37157 bytes)


36" X 50" Navajo saddle blanket from around 1950.  Shows wear, including staining and a small hole.  But the design and colors are great. $480

1364.JPG (37454 bytes)


52.5" x 34" This little orphan has some slight fading and one stain mark.  But it is in great shape, and the colors are vibrant.  A good wall hanging. $550

1151.jpg (33153 bytes)


82" x 55" We call this a Ganado mutt, because we can't document the source of the weaving.  But it is huge, colorful and in great condition.

1644.JPG (30161 bytes)


41" x 25" A 1970's Tree of Life weaving.  We like this one, but it is woven from commercial yarn. $425
1899.JPG (180708 bytes) #1899 18" x 29"
This little Yei by Rosita James weaving won the First Award at the 1976 Navajo Nation Fair.  The blue ribbon is included with the weaving


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