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Welcome to our collection of Classic Pueblo Pottery.  This indeed is the stuff that makes up museum collections.  While many of these pieces date back to the 19th century, we have included several exceptional pieces by the matriarchs of Pueblo pottery.


#5492 Acoma/Laguna Unknown 8" x 11" Classic Acoma Lagua pot circa 1920. $4200
#5943 Zuni Unknown 9.5" x 11" 1920's Zuni Pot $5200

905.JPG (46839 bytes)

#905F Acoma Unknown 9 .5" x 10.75" Large Antique Acoma polychrome jar with some minor restoration. $6000 Sold

890a.JPG (30947 bytes)

#890F Acoma Unknown 8" x 10.75"  Antique Acoma polychrome with sloping sides and tapering neck.  This pot was actually used as evidenced by the ladle wear at the top. $5000

#3346 Acoma Unknown 10" x 12" Polychrome jar circa 1890, this pot has some repairs and overpaint. $4000

1247.JPG (36626 bytes)

#1247 Acoma Juana Leno (d.) 7" x 8" Classic Leno piece with mimbres designs and polychrome corn stalks. $1200

252.JPG (27973 bytes)



Fannie Nampeyo (d.)

4" x 7'

Museum quality classic polychrome bowl by Fannie Nampeyo.



120.JPG (32039 bytes)



Fannie Nampeyo (d.)

5.5" x 8"

A museum quality piece by famous potter Fannie Nampeyo.  Migration design, black and orange design on white slip.


#4576s Cochiti Unknown 8.5" x 10" Cochita jar circa 1900-1910. Deaccesioned by Fon Du Lac Historical Society. $800 Sold
#4582f Maricopa Unknown 5" x 6" Maricopa redware bowl circa 1910-1920. Deaccesioned by Fon Du Lac Historical Society. $400
  #38s San Ildefonso Blue Corn (d.) 4.5" x 7" Black on black pot created by Blue Corn, 1954.  A very early piece by famed San Ildefonso potter, Crucita Gonzales Calabaza...Blue Corn. $800 Sold
#6602s Santa Clara Margaret Tafoya 8 1/16" x 7 1/4" Lovely deep-carved Blackware jar $6500
254.JPG (15634 bytes) #254s Santa Clara Teresita Naranjo (d.) 3.75" x 8" Classic Santa Clara bowl featuring the Water Serpent. $3500
#3363s Sal Ildefonso Carmelita Dunlap 6" x 10" A Carmelita classic piece from about 1975. $4000

904.JPG (35715 bytes)

#904F Zia Unknown 9 3/8" x 11.25" This large Zia Polychrome vessel is in three colors with a widely sloping bottom, straight sides and tapering neck.  Except for usual wear, the piece is in excellent condition. Circa 1890. $11,000
1695.jpg (56904 bytes) #1695F Zuni Unknown 8.75" x 10.75" Circa 1880 - 1910.  Bird jar with red and black-on cream.  Small nicks on rim, light surface abrasions, wonderful patina. $8000

2338.JPG (40062 bytes)

#2338s Zuni Unknown 4" x 9.5" Circa 1875, this red and black-on-white with a slightly flared rim has a very appealing design.  There is but one small chip in the rim. $2500 Sold

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