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For a better part of her short 101 years, Millie Wilde scoured the Southwest in search of some of the finest and most unusual jewelry that we have come across in recent years. Over the years, Millie had assembled a collection of over 300 pieces of fabulous jewelry.

Millie was a frequent visitor to our galleries, and a great friend, always with a contagious smile.

Today, Millie's personal collection is available exclusively to friends of River Trading Post.

Here we present a sample of Millie's extensive collection.  You can see more when you visit River Trading Post.

Millie's Bracelets Millie's Necklaces Millie's Pins Millie's Bolos

Millie's Belt Buckles  Other Millie Treasures

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Millie's Bracelets

#7509s Zuni Delicate cuff bracelet set with graduated row of intense blue natural turquoise cabochons.
6.25"c x 1"g
$185 Sold
#7510s Zuni Delicate 2-row cuff with twisted wire and drops surrounding 26 "snake-eye" turquoise stones.
6.5"c x 1"g
#7515s Navajo Sterling cuff with 5 dark salmon Mediterranian coral cabachons.
6.5"c x 1.25"g
#7517s Navajo Sterling cuff set with 3 large rectangular turquoise stones.  Most likely old Blue Gem.
6.75"c x 1.25"g
#7519s Navajo Heavy sterling cuff set with 5 natural deep red Mediterranian coral cabochons.
6"c x 1"g
$575 Sold
#7523s Zuni Hand-stamped sterling cuff set with 2 rows of half-disc arched petit point turquoise.
By Ed & Jennie Vecenti
6.25"c x 1.25"g
$600 Sold
#7532s Navajo Edison Cummings signature bracelet.  Sterling cuff with 14k gold bands and raindrop terminals.
7"c x 1.25"g
$600 Sold
#7541s Zuni Humming bird inlay of abalone, nose lip shell, coral, jet and trquiose by Albert and Dolly Banteah.
6.25"c x 1"g
#7551s Pueblo 1950's sterling cruciform cuff. Tufa cast with channel set intense blue natural turquoise.
6.5"c x 1"g x 2.5"w
$2400 Sold
#7552s Pueblo 1940's - 50's diamond-shaped ingot cluster bracelet with 11 natural Fox Mine turquoise stones.
6"c x 1.2"g
#7557s Navajo Pair of 3-strand silver cuffs, set with 11 Cerillos cabochons.  Circa 1945.
6.5"c x 1"g x 1.5"w
$1175 Sold
#7521s Navajo Exquisite sterling cuff set with 17 natural oval Blue Gem turquoise stones.
Signed "Fred Thompson"
6"c x 1"g
#7544s Navajo Double row sterling cuff with intense blue turquoise.
6"c x 1'g
#7549s Navajo Sterling cuff set with 3 natural #8 Mine turquoise stones.
6.5"c x 1.25"g
$1200 Sold
#7550s Zuni Wide triple row cuff of beautifull worked sterling silver with natural turquoise.
6"c x 1"g x 1 3/8"w
$900 Sold
#7542s Zuni Sterling cuff with coarl red parrot inlay and openwork sides. Coral, turquoise, jet, pearl sell, abalone.  By Dennis Edaakie
6.25" x 1"
#7520s Navajo Heavy-weight cuff with 8 deep red free-form coral.
6.5"c x 1.5"g
#7626s Navajo 1950's cuff with turquioise, coral and leaf applique.
6.5"c x 1.25"g

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Millie's Necklaces

#7658s Navajo Sterling silver brush polished squash blossom by Selena Warner. Turquoise is stabilized Nevada material.
$795 Sold
#7673s Navajo 50 strands of micro-liquid silver "tube beads".
32" long
#7677s Navajo Sigle strand of hand rolled turquoise and "white jade" graduated heishi beads stung with free-form tabs.
24" long
#7679s Pueblo 1970's 10 strand heishi.  Shadow pattern uses white shell and graded shades of brown olive shell.
24" - 28"
#7659s Navajo 1970's Sterling squash blossom with natural and rare salmon-hued coral.  20 cabochons that are perfectly matched.
26" long
#7666s Zuni Late 1930's squash blossom with 14 beautiful natural blue turquise free form cut cabochons.  Hand cut bezels have decorative stamping on each side.  Attributed to Dan Simplicio while he worked with his uncle, Juan Dedeos.
26" long
#7660s Zuni 1930's squash blossom necklace with Blue Gem turquoise
23" long
$1800 Sold
#7661s Navajo 1960's tufa cast squash blossom necklace with natural Mediterranian coral.
26" long
$1200 Sold
#7662s Zuni 1930's - 40's squash blossom with 12 sterling blossoms and naja set with tiny natural deep blue turquoise.
22" long
#7663s Navajo 1970s Natural #8 turquoise with 20 graduated ovoid caboshons.  Matrix is golden brown ranging from branch to "spider web"
24" long
$2800 Sold
#7683 Kewa Natural turquoise center-drilled tab and heishi necklace.  Earthy graduated froms.  100% natural.  By Augustine Lovato.
24" long
$1800 Sold

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Millie's Pins

#7605s Blackfoot Sterling silver flower pin attriubed to James Faks.
3.75" x 2 1/8"
#7614s Navajo Butterfly Pin/Pendant
1 1/8" x 1.5"
$125 Sold
#7625 Navajo Sterling tufa cast double naja pin circa 1970's
2.25" x 1 1/8"
$135 Sold

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Millie's Bolos

#7558s Navajo/Zuni Shadow box style bolo encasing inlaid Knifewing. Inlay was Zuni created in the 1940's or early 50's and set by Mary Morgan in the late 1960s.
2.75" x 2.25"
#7559s Navajo 1970's bolo with single robin's egg blue Persian turquoise.
2" x 1"
#7561s Navajo Floriform sterling bolo with single natural Sleeping Beauty turquoise set.
2" x 1.5"
$185 Sold
#7562s Navajo 1970's Sterling "Kachina" form bolo with turquoise sets.
2.5" x 1"
#7563s Zuni 1970's Sterling bolo set with 170 handcut petitpoint coral stones.
2 1/8" x 2 1/8"
#7564s Navajo 1970's "Kachina" bolo with 79 blue turquoise stones. Stamped "LMB"
4.74" x 2"
$525 Sold
#7565s Navajo 1070's sterling with hand carved natural Morenci turquoise.
2.5" x 1.75"
#7568s Hopi Sterling overlay with sculptured turtle on hand-braded black leather and hand made tips.
By Ramone Dalangyawama
3" x 2/18"
#7569s Zuni 1940's Knifewing bolo with inlay of a Knifewing god in jet, coral, white pearl shell and turquoise.
2.75" x 2.25"
#7574s Zuni 1970's Sterling bolo with pendant tips set with turquoise.  By Jobeth Mayes
2.75" x 1.5"
#7567s Zuni 1970's cluster syle bolo tie (or pedant) with 134 tiny hand-cut natural turquoise cabochons and very nice tips.  By "L.G." Lucu Gchcahu $550 Sold

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Millie's Buckles

#7633s 1970's Sterling buckle with 60 AAA natural Sleeping Beauty turquoise stones.
By Cecil Lee.
4" x 5.75" $2400
#7635s Eagle Dancer Belt Buckle with Snakes by
John Lucio
2 7/8" x 2 1/8" $450
#7740s Sand Cast Buckle with Lone Mountain Turquoise.  By Wilson and Carol Begay.
2.75" x 2" $600
#7824s Matching inlay bolo and buckle set by B&C Shack.
Bolo-2 1/2"w x 2 1/4"h, Buckle-3"w x 2"h $1500

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Other Millie Treasures

#7593s Navajo Barette with single turquoise set.
3" x 1"
$60 Sold
#7623s Navajo Barette with two turquoise stones.
2.5" x .5"
#7710s Navajo Sterling Pollen Box with turquoise
1.5" x 1.5"
#7711s Navajo Sterling Polen Box
1.5" x 1.5"
#7712s Navajo Sterling Matchbox Cover
1950's - 60's
2.25" x 1.5"
$325 Sold

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