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Indian Beadwork and Quillwork

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American Indian beadwork is one of the most beautiful of the North American Indian adornments, and deserves a special place in any great Native American art collection where it serves as a reminder of peoples past and the people today.  Of all of the wonderful things in our River Trading Post collection, Indian beadwork stands out among the finest of all. 

Bandolier Bags Plains Indian Vests, Dresses, Ceremonial Wear Plains Indian Moccasins Plains Indian Pipe & Tobacco Bags Plains Indian Beaded Bags Cradleboards


Beaded Blackfeet Martingale

circa 1880 - 1890
Exeptionally fine beadwork on red felt trade cloth. Hide strands finished with tubular glass beads and bells.

12 inches x 49 inches


Cheyenne Cradle

Cheyennne Cradle with Doll, circa 1900 - 1920's
Doll has bear-fur hair.  Red seeds of mescal beans in material culture of the Cheyenne was restricted to men.  The green cloth indicated a male baby.
32" x 9"


Bandolier Bags
#2134 Chippewa 40" x 13" Beaded in bold colors and striking designes using red white heaart, colbalt, pink, greasy yellow, corn yellow and light blue against a white background. $3500 Sold
#2132s Chippewa 46.5" x 15.75' Tendrilous flowers and vines creep along shoulder strap and around the false puch in colors of pea green, translucent green, rose, pink, black, yellow, amber, light blue, cobalt and maroon on a white beaded background.
Circa 1900 & 1904.
1712.JPG (25721 bytes) 1712F Chippewa 13.5" x 39" A very fine Chippewa beaded bandolier bag from around 1880.  Absolutely beautiful. $7500 Sold

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Plains Indian Vests, Dresses, Ceremonial Wear
#6557s Sioux 13.75"t Sioux leggings circa 1890-1910 $1800 Sold
#5324s Sioux 11.5" x 4"
excluding rolled tops as shown
1880's Soux Beaded women's leggings. $1200 Sold

1256.JPG (34775 bytes)1256a.JPG (33626 bytes)

#1256 Santee Medium to Large Man Antique Santee pictorial medicine vest with geometric designs, including pipes, dragonflies and flowers.  Neck is trimmed with green paint and bottom is trimmed with green, red and gold paint.  From 1890 to 1910. $2400
1702a.JPG (61617 bytes) #1702F Sioux 17" x 16.5" Sioux boy's beaded vest circa 1890.  Beautiful beadwork on white field.  Great condition. $4000 Sold
#6558s Crow 34" x 49" Crow dress of blue trade cloth with delicate beadwork on front and back, around collar and as fringe at the bottom hem.
Circa 1920 - 1930.
1716.JPG (32526 bytes) #1716F Cheyenne 36" x 47" Very fine ladies Cheyenne beaded buckskin dress from around 1960.

1157.jpg (36172 bytes)

#1157s Sioux Arm pieces - 13 1/4" x 1 1/2"

Leg pieces
13" x 2 1/2"

Wrist cuffs
141/4" x 7"
This Oglala Sioux buckskin dance ensemble was made by Joe Walking Bear in the 1930's.

1162.jpg (90202 bytes)

#1162 Northern Paiute-Washoe 29 1/2" dia. Beautifully beaded collar made of yellow, orange, red, light blue and dark blue glass beads. It is tied with a leather tie in back. It is worn over a leather deerskin dress during powwows or special ceremonies.
Never worn.  Created around 1990.
$500 Sold
#620 Menominee 33" x 1.25" Menominee child's loom beaded pictoral belt with stylized flower and bird design.  $650

794.JPG (31158 bytes)

#794 Warm Springs Reservation 34 1/2" Fancy beaded dance belt from the Warm Springs Reservation.  Ca. 1950, we believe.  A Stunner. $470

1163.jpg (43177 bytes)

#1163 Shoshone-Bannock 23"L x
5" high in front
Beautifully beaded on leather all around to back with roses. Circa 1990's.  Created by Ramona Walema in Fort Hall, Idaho. $400
1701.JPG (40087 bytes) #1701F Cheyenne 11" Ladies Cheyenne beaded leggings circa 1890.  Very fine condition.

#3637 Sioux  

A pair of Lakota dance garters, circa 1920.  Three quilled slats each in traditional Lakota colors.  Each garter terminates in two sets of trailers, one terminating in old coins, the other in tin cones and red feathers.
Coins include two 1890's German silver coins; an 1899 and a 1905 Indian Head Penny.
Some quill wear.



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Plains Indian Moccasins
#6556s Kiowa 14.5" x 6.5" High topped Kiowa girl's/woman's moccasins.
circa 1910-1925
#6262s Nez Perce 10.25" length Nez Perce Moccasins circa 1920 $1000 Sold
#6263 Cree 8" length Cree woman's moccasins.  Some very slight bead loss. $280
#6264s Cheyenne 10.5" length Cheyenne Ruby Mossasins $1100 Sold

900.JPG (24357 bytes)

#900 Plateau Nations 9" length Plateau beaded moccasins.  Hard sole hide moccasins with flower design. $300
#3306F Sioux 10.75" Fully beaded Sioux moccasins circa 1880 - 1910.  $1000 Sold

1366.JPG (37893 bytes)

#1366s Apache 8.5" Apache boy's cactus kicker moccasins from around 1900. $1200 Sold

907.JPG (31808 bytes)

#907 Arickara 11" length Arickara moccasins.  Beaded strip on buffalo hide with cross and box design.  Blue, white green and mustard yellow. $1600
618.jpg (62254 bytes) #618 Blackfeet 9 1/2" length 
Mens beaded moccasins circa 1885 - 1890 of buffalo hide. $1535
1539.JPG (29751 bytes) #1539 Kiowa Apache 9 1/2" Man's beaded moccasins, sinew sewn on hide with geometric designs of red, blue, green and dark blue.  Late 19th, early 20th century $2400

1447.JPG (23299 bytes)

#1447 Ute 8.5" length Fully beaded contemporary woman's or child's moccasins. $550

1083.JPG (26796 bytes)

#1083s Sioux 9 1/2" Sinew sewn on hide with hard sole in colors of green, red, gold, blue and white.

1084.JPG (27271 bytes)

#1084 Menominee 9 1/2"  Menominee soft sole beaded moccasins trimmed with red yarn and beaded with stylized flowers in blue, pink, red and clear.  Beadwork excellent.  Minor flaws in yarn trim. $690

1086.JPG (32801 bytes)

#1086 Cheyenne 9 1/2" Partly beaded Cheyenn Moccasins.  Sinew sewn on hide in colors of red, yellow, green and blue.

1099.JPG (27146 bytes)

#1099s Arapaho 11" Arapaho man's beaded moccasins.  Sinew sewn on buffalo hide, rubbed with yellow ocher and beaded in yellow, green, blue, red and white. $1800

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Plains Indian Pipe &Tobacco Bags
#8490s Cree 25" x 6" Beaded pipe bag circa 1870's $2800
#8491s Mandan/Hidatsa 36" x 6.5" Wonderful quilled bag. Brain tanned hide.
Soft and supple.
#8175s Plateau/Nez Perce  9" x 6" (excluding handle) Tanned Elk hide back with metal closure. $480
#8176s Seneca 3.5" x 4.5" Circa 1840 - 1850, this amazing piece is totally intat with the exception of 4 missing white beads on the outer edge of the pouch. $1050
#8178s Nez Perce 5" x 5.5" Early 20th century 2-sided beaded bag with clasp.  Most beads faceted. $1500
#7816s Sioux 14" x 4.5" including fringe Sioux Tobacco Bag circa 1890 - 1910 $800 Sold
#7820s Ojibwa 25" x 5.5" including fringe Ojibwa Pipe Bag circa 1870 - 1880
Beaded on both sides
$2800 Sold
#7821s Ojibwa 28" x 5.75" including fringe Ojibwa Pipe Bag circa 1870 - 1880
Beaded on both sides
$2200 Sold
#6550s Cheyenne 27" + 16" - 20" fringe. Vibrant quill work makes this pipe bag a stunner.  Circa 1880 - 1920, the quill work is in excellent condition. $1950 Sold
#3971 Chumash 20" x 6" Recent Chumash pipe bag of brain tanned hide. Old glass beads in red, light blue, dark blue and mustard. $2100
#3636 Blackfoot 9.5" x 4.25" Blackfoot tobacco tail bag circa 1880.  Brain tanned hide, red wool trade cloth and brass hawk bells at bottom.
Blue and white glass trade beads, with brass bead accents.
2846.JPG (50954 bytes) #2846S Sioux 30" x 6" From about 1890, this features beaded strips on each side  Red ticking down the side and two rows of white tube beads above the leather fringe. $2500 Sold
2845c.JPG (46687 bytes)
2845b.JPG (98021 bytes)
#2845F Ojibwa 31" x 6" Beautiful Ojibwa beaded pipe bag.  Beaded on both sides with flower and leaf design in red, pink, green, yellow, orange, gold and blues on a white background.
Front panel inscribed "Otaka September 18".
Early 20th century.
$4310 Sold

1255.JPG (21423 bytes)

#1255 Blackfeet 22 1/2" Beautifully beaded 1870's Blackfeet pipe bag.  Moose hide.
Beaded on one side.

1704.JPG (15020 bytes)

#1704F Sioux 17" A good Sioux beaded pipe bag with quill work and fringe from the late 19th century.  Different geometric design on each side.  Quill work is well worn, missing. $3200 Sold
1706.JPG (17195 bytes) #1706F Great Lakes Region 21" Great lakes beaded tobacco bag circa 1915.  Very fine condition.  Beads of orange, white, gold, red and green.  Maple leaf design, different on each side. $1800 Sold

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Plains Indian Beaded Bags

#4599s Blackfeet 39.5" length Blackfeet buckskin rifle case by Jackie Parsons.  Beaded on both sides. $2000
#7818s Ojibwa 5.75" x 4.75" Ojibwa Pouch circa 1890.  Both sides beaded. $750 Sold
#7817s Cree 6.75" x 4.75" including fringe Cree Belt Pouch circa 1890.  Beaded on both sides. $1200
#7813s Iroquois 7.5" x 6" including fringe North Eastern beaded bag circa 1840 - 1850 $1200
1537.JPG (35949 bytes)1537a.JPG (23701 bytes) #1537s Sioux Approx 3" x 8 1/2" Antique Sioux 3 sided beaded hide bag, beaded with cross and line design in colors of red, light green, dark green, light blue, dark blue, white, yellow and black. $900 Sold
1630.JPG (50766 bytes) #1630 Cree 9 1/2" c 6 1/4"

Circa 1900, brain tanned hide, thread sewn tobacco bag.  Same floral motif on both sides.  Inner backing of beadwork is old pattern material.


893.JPG (44438 bytes) 893a.JPG (51281 bytes)

#893 Cree 11" x 6 1/2" Cree tobacco bag.  Beaded on both sides with geometric design and "Maurice" on one side; sylized flower on other.  Pre WW II. $1500

1087.JPG (39686 bytes)

#1087 Sioux 9 1/4" x 6 3/4" Eastern Sioux oval beaded buckskin bag with a geometric design on one side and crosses on the reverse.  In colors of blue and pink.

1088.JPG (32254 bytes)

#1088 Chippewa 9" x 5 1/2" Chippewa woman's tobacco bag.  Beaded buckskin with finge on sides and bottom.  Beaded with stylized flower design on a clear background.  (Some very minor bead loss.) $690

1089.JPG (45146 bytes)

#1089s Apache 9" x 5" Apache beaded and fringe hide bag.  Yellow ocher buckskin with fringe on sides and bottom.  Beaded in pink, black, blue and white. $820 Sold

1095.JPG (74222 bytes)

#1095 Athabaskan 7 1/2" x 4 7/8" Athabaskan finely beaded bag.  Stylized flower beaded on black cloth with woven pull ties.  Beads in pink, silver, red, blue, green and brown. $950

1096.JPG (41138 bytes)

#1096 Nez Perce 12 1/2" x 9 1/2" Nez Perce woman's flat bag fully beaded on one side with stylized flower design.  Colors of red, green, black, blue and gold on a frosty white background.  Beadwork is in excellent shape, through the old cloth shows frays along the edges.

1097.JPG (46131 bytes)

#1097s Plateau 4 1/4" x 4 1/2" Plateau beaded belt pouch with fully beaded top flap.  stylized flower in blue, yellow, red and green on a white background. $700

894.JPG (42920 bytes)

#894s Nez Perce 6" x 5 1/2" Nez Perce belt pouch.  Fully beaded top flap with an eight pointed star and cross inside.  Red, pink, white, gold and blue.

1100.JPG (28377 bytes)

#1100f Sioux 9" x 6" Sioux beaded tobacco bag.  Beaded on hide and cloth.  Stylized flower in red, pink, white, green on a blue background. $1400

#6488 Crow 18" x 5" Child's toy cradleboard by award winning Crow Artist, Mary Lou Big Day. $200
#6392s Osage 11" x 11" x 33" Osage cradleboard circa 1930 - 1940 with fingerwoven tying sash. $3400 Sold
#6377 Sioux 16" x 30" 1960's Sioux cradleboard $350 Sold

#3138 Plateau 39" x 13" Beaded hide cradleboard composed of bent wood wrapped with hide.  Beaded lizard fetish hangs on the side.  From the ex collection of Carl Moon.  Cradleboard retains original Moon leather label. $5320
2419.JPG (27699 bytes)
2419a.JPG (42395 bytes)
#2419 Plains 22" x 9" A beautiful contemporary beaded cradleboard with geometric design in yellow, orange, red and blue on a white background.  In a museum display case that has some scratches. $800

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